Friday, 11 January 2013

Reminiscent of Home
Just came back from Camden Market and found this cool stuff from New Zealand

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mr Natty

I love this stuff. This is for the individually minded guy who likes to express himself with class. I recently crossed paths with Mr Natty (Matt) and he was kind enough to give me a gift box of his products. Since then I have rediscovered that love of fine gentlemanly things. Even been looking at the old cut throat and strop, now theres a thing!  'MR NATTY'

Early Beginnings

This may not look much, in many ways its not. I was just five years old when I painted this tree on an old piece of wall paper in 1970. It hung in the principals office of my primary school in Christchurch, New Zealand before being rescued by my mum.
It's a tree, it has roots, a trunk and branches and used to have real leaves stuck on but now long gone. Such were my early strides as a young artist. Such humble beginnings. I am so glad I still have it.